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Last site update 19th  January 2022

  Burton Green

    Village Hall

HS2 and Burton Green Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee finds itself in a situation where, in order to discharge it’s responsibilities, solutions must be proposed against a timescale where a new hall is available before the present building is demolished

Architects have been appointed and proposed designs and layouts are being finalised. The proposed site and provision of utilities being the current focus. Preparation and enabling works will start in the field, Spring 2019. The first phases being pipe line realignment and the diversion of the Greenway.

Construction of the Hall is anticipated to start in late autumn 2021.

Any comment, suggestion, or wish directly relating to the Village Hall can best be communicated via a Committee Member or by email to : (click to link)

All comments received will be acknowledged and passed to the team responsible for that aspect of the planning. You will in that way have your ideas taken into consideration. We will accept nothing less than a Community facility designed for the 21st Century, that we can all be proud of.

2018 The latest plans can be viewed here.