Special Conditions of Hire during COVID-19 SC 1 to 18 30th September 2020

Note: These conditions are supplemental to, not a replacement for, the hall’s ordinary conditions of hire.

SC 1: You, the hirer, will be responsible for ensuring those attending your activity or event comply with the COVID-19 Secure Guidelines while entering and occupying the hall, as shown on the poster which is also displayed at the hall entrance, in particular using the hand sanitiser supplied when entering the hall and after using tissues.

SC 2: You undertake to comply with the actions identified in the hall’s risk assessment, of which you will be provided with a copy.

SC 3:   You will be responsible for cleaning door handles, light switches, window catches, equipment, toilet handles and seats, wash basins and all surfaces likely to be used during your period of hire before other members of your group or organisation arrive and to keep the premises clean through regular cleaning of surfaces during your hire, paying particular attention to wash hand basins and kitchen sinks (if used), using either the products supplied (which will be in a clearly accessible location) or your own ordinary domestic products. You will be required to clean again on leaving.


Please take care cleaning electrical equipment.  Use cloths - do not spray!

SC 4: You will make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity or event understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 48 hours, and that if they develop symptoms within 10 days of visiting the premises they MUST use the Test and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact.  They must seek a COVID-19 antigen test

SC 5: You will keep the premises well ventilated throughout your hire, with windows and doors (except fire doors) open as far as convenient. You will be responsible for ensuring they are all securely closed on leaving.

SC 6: You will ensure that no more than 25 people attend your activity/event in the Main Hall and 5 in the Small Room, in order that social distancing can be maintained. You will ensure that people attending do so in groups of no more than 6 (unless they are a “qualifying group”) and that such groups do not mingle. You will ensure social distancing of 2 m between individuals or groups is maintained by everyone attending as far as possible, including while waiting to enter the premises, that they observe the one-way system within the premises, and as far as possible observe social distancing of 1 m plus mitigation measures when using more confined areas (e.g. moving and stowing equipment, accessing toilets) which should be kept as brief as possible. You will make sure that no more than one persons use each suite of toilets at one time.

SC 7: You will take particular care to ensure that social distancing is maintained for any persons aged 70 or over or likely to be clinically more vulnerable to COVID-19, including for example keeping a 2 m distance around them when going in and out of rooms and ensuring they can access the toilets, kitchen or other confined areas without others being present.  For some people, passing another person in a confined space is less risky, but for older people that should be avoided.

SC 8: You will position furniture or the arrangement of the room as far as possible to facilitate social distancing of 2 m between individual people or groups of  six or less people  or 1 m with mitigation measures such as: seating side by side, with at least one empty chair between each person or household group, rather than face-to-face, face coverings and good ventilation.  If tables are being used, you will place them so as to maintain social distancing across the table between people from different household groups who are face-to-face e.g. using a wide U-shape.

SC 9: You MUST keep a record of the date and time the activity started and the name and contact telephone number or email of all those who attend your event (or a member of any group of up to 6 people who attend together). This can be done either by operating an advance booking system which collects these details, or by asking everyone who attends to use the NHS QR poster at the hall entrance to register their attendance and by keeping a record of any who do not register using their smart phone app and the hall’s NHS QR poster or your own NHS QR poster.   

SC 10: You will be responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created during your hire, including tissues and cleaning cloths, in the rubbish bins provided by the main entrance before you leave the hall. All other rubbish should be taken away with you when you leave the hall.

SC 11: Users are encouraged  to bring their own drinks and food. If food or drink is being served (as distinct to being made on a DIY basis) it must be  served only at tables or as a takeaway service. Provision of food or drink MUST cease before 10 pm (i.e. be cleared away by then).  If food and drink is served at tables you MUST ensure there is no mingling between groups at different tables, which must be seated in accordance with SC 6.

SC 12: We will have the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or if it is reported that the Special Hiring Conditions above are not being complied with, whether by you or by other hirers, or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again.  If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly and you will not be charged for this hire.

SC 13: In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms while at the hall you should remove them to the designated safe area which is Disabled Toilet. Provide tissues and a bin or plastic bag, and a bowl of warm soapy water for hand washing. Ask others in your group to provide contact details if you do not have them and then leave the premises, observing the usual hand sanitising and social distancing precautions, and advise them to launder their clothes when they arrive home.  Inform the booking secretary on 079 29 41 66 21

SC 14: For events with more than 30 people (if and when allowed) you will take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public in relation to COVID-19 and prevent large gatherings or mass events from taking place, for example by operating a booking system or providing attendants or stewards who will ask people to seat themselves furthest from the entrance on arrival, to exit closest to the exits first and invite people to use toilets in the interval row by row.

SC 15: In order to avoid risk of aerosol or droplet transmission you must take steps to avoid people needing to unduly raise their voices to each other, e.g. refrain from playing music or broadcasts at a volume which makes normal conversation difficult.

SC 16: Other special points as appropriate.

E.g. Where a sports, exercise or performing arts activity takes place:

[You will organise your activity in accordance with guidance issued by the relevant governing body for your sport or activity]

E.g. Where a group uses their own equipment:

[You will ask those attending to bring their own equipment and not share it with other members] or [You will avoid using equipment, which is difficult to clean, as far as possible. You will ensure that any equipment you provide is cleaned before use and before being stored in the hall].

  SC 17:  You will encourage all those attending your activity to wear a face covering unless an   exemption or other government guidance applies to the activity. A face covering is not required when   people are eating or drinking but they should be seated.

SC 18:  Closing: Provision of food and drink MUST cease by 10 pm. Any bar, dinner or similar activity MUST close by 10 pm.


You should always wear a face covering when entering moving about and leaving the Hall. The risk assessment for your group will dictate mask and social distancing arrangements during your hire period.

This situation is dynamic and subject to change at short notice.

Please remain aware. Be safe.

Don’t rely on others. Clean before, during and afterwards.

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