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  Burton Green

    Village Hall

Setting Their Sights on a new Village Hall

Friday November 11th, 1979 Kenilworth News reporter Nikki Lennon

Raising Money over the last 12 months has brought the villagers in Burton Green closer together in their efforts to build a new village hall.  They set themselves a target a year ago that they would raise £10,000 in two years and after less than 12 months they have raised £5,600 and are justifiably proud. They have organised a lottery called the 200 Club which raised the bulk of the cash and held barbeques, sales, dances and received donations.

Every group using the hall, in Hodgetts Lane, has been asked to contribute so a long chain of fund raising activities has kept the villagers busy. The hall was originally built in 1921 as a social club but in 1975 the hall and ground were handed over to the Charity Commission Trust and it is now owned by them and the residents.


         The building is in constant use during the day and evenings by various groups and societies, not just from Burton Green but from Tile Hill and the people living in Red Lane. In October 1978 it was s agreed at a public meeting that the new hall should be built as the the old building was falling into disrepair.

         After 58 years of constant use maintenance costs were rising rapidly and major repairs to the floor and roof timbers were urgently going to be needed. Chairman of Berkswell Parish Council, Mr Ken Graham who lives in Hodgetts Lane said “It was estimated a year ago that the sort of building we require would cost about £40,000.”

         With the usual grant from the Department of Education and Science of half that amount, and local authority grants amounting to another quarter, the village was left with the task of raising the other £10,000. But with the government cutbacks announced recently, we fear we may not get their grant of £20,000 after all.

           If that happens, we are still determined to go on with some sort of scheme for a hall, although we may have to lower our sights a little. The committee is planning to set the new larger hall a little further back from the road than the present one, to make more space for car parking.

           At the back of the present hall is a parcel of waste land which the committee hope will be fenced and landscaped to provide a kick-about area for young children.

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