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Section B  - Giant and Strange Vegetables

 Class 28    Heaviest Onion

 Class 29    Longest Runner Bean

 Class 30    Heaviest Potato

 Class 31    Strangest shaped vegetable

 Class 32    Heaviest “Beef” Tomato

 Class 33    Largest Courgette

 Class 34    Carved Fruit or Vegetable


 Section C - Fruit (name variety where possible)

 Class 35   Pears (3)

 Class 36    Eating Apples (3) (as picked)

 Class 37    Cooking Apples (3) (as picked)

 Class 38    Plums (5) (leave stalks on)

 Class 39    Damsons (9) (leave stalks on)

 Class 40    Blackberries (12) (leave stalks on)

 Class 41    Raspberries (12) (leave stalks on)

 Class 42    Any other Fruit

 Section D - Flowers/plants (vases not supplied)

 Class 43    Dahlias (5)

 Class 44    Three Gladioli Spikes

 Class 45    My best Purple  flower

 Class 46    Five stems Spray Chrysanthemums (mixed colours)

 Class 47    A single Rose, any variety

 Class 48    One Vase Sweet peas (up to 12 stems)

 Class 49     Six Pansies

 Class 50     One vase Annual Garden Flowers (up to 12 stems)

 Class 51     One vase Perennial Flowers (up to 12 stems)

 Class 52     Five edible Flowers displayed in suitable container

 Class 53      Vase of 3 Hydrangea Stems (fresh, not dried)

 Class 54     Tied Lavender Bunch

 Class 55     Bouquet Garni, tied

 Class 56     One Chilli Plant in Pot

 Class 57     One Begonia in a pot – any variety (size no larger than 10”/24cm pot)

 Class 58     One Pot Fuchsia (10”/24cms pot maximum)

 Class 59     One Pot Parsley

 Class 60     One Pot Cacti/Succulent

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