Section K - Eggs

(Please note: Multiple entries in any one class MUST be a different colour, NOT mixed)

Class 85  3 Bantam eggs—one colour (not mixed)

Class 86  3 Hen eggs—one colour (not mixed)

Class 87  3 Duck eggs—one colour (not mixed)

Class 88  3 Any other variety poultry eggs

Class 89  3 HEN or DUCK Eggs – each one a different colour

Class 90  1 “Perfect” Hard Boiled egg - no grey rim round yolk and yolk in Centre of white.

  Peeled but not cut through. Presented on a paper plate we supply

Eggs to be displayed on sand on a plate (we will supply) and

PLEASE clearly label with Class Number and Variety.

Section L - Children’s Cookery Ages: (Under 5) (6-8) (9-11) (12-15)

Class 91  3 Jam Tarts using bought short crust pastry

Class 92  6 Pizza Pin Wheels (see recipe page 5)

Class 93  6 Chocolate Rice Krispie or Cornflake cakes in paper cases –  these can be decorated

Class 94  3 Fruit Scones – own recipe

Section M - Children’s Art/Craft/Garden Ages: (Under 5) (6-8) (9-11) (12-15)

Class 95  “Capture a “Fairy” or a “Hero” in a decorated jar

Class 96  Make a pasta flower shape on a paper plate

Class 97  A Rocket made from recycled materials

Class 98  Make a Clothes Peg Family (3)  (“Dolly” pegs either painted or dressed in felt or material)

Class 99  Make a painted pasta necklace

Class 100 Make a Paper Windmill on a stick that will go round when you blow it.

              Decorate windmill if you wish and we will provide stands for display.

Section N - Photographic Competition—Size no more than A5

ADULTS   -   Amateurs    

Class 101 “I can see it”   

Class 102 ‘“Up, Up and Away”                      

Class 103 “A Bridge”   

Class 104 “It’s Mechanical”   

Class 105 “Shadows”

Children - Ages: (under 5) (6-8) (9-11) (12-15)

Class 106 “Smiles”

Class 107 ‘“Harvest”

Class 108 ‘” Party Time”

Photographs preferably mounted on Black card for display purposes please.

Card will be available on the day if not mounted already.       p4

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