1. Which River joins the Avon near Stoneleigh? -  A  The River Sowe

2. How many locks comprise Hatton Lock, also known as the Stairway to Heaven? -  A 21 – they climb 146 ft over 2 miles.

3. Which Castle was begun in the 12th century with later work completed by Henry ll, King John and John of Gaunt? A Kenilworth Castle

4. What is the name of the long distance footpath which runs for 80 miles from Cannock Chase to Chipping  Campden, passing through Warwickshire?

 A Heart of England Way

5. Which is the largest body of open water in Warwickshire? A Draycote Water

6. Which massive trees more commonly found in the US can be seen in the formal gardens of Coombe Abbey? A Both species of the Giant Redwood. The Coast Redwood (Sequola) and the Wellingtonia

7. In the gardens by the Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon, there are stone squares cut into the grass.  What game popular in Shakespeares day do they represent?

 A Nine Men Morris. An outdoor mixture of Chess, Draughts and Chequors

8. In what year did Ann Hathaway marry William Shakespeare? A 1582

9. Who was the author of the book “Kenilworth” ?

 A Sir Walter Scott, it was published in 1820

10. Where will you find the Elephant Wash Ramp, once used to bathe circus animals?

 A Alongside the River Leam in the Jephson Gardens, by Mill Bridge

11. Which famous novelist was born on the estate of Arbury Hall?

 A George Elliott – birth name Mary Ann Evans

12. What industry is Atherstone famous for? A Hatmaking

13. What are the topiaries in the famous Yew Garden in the grounds of Packwood House said to depict? A The Sermon on the Mount

14. In what year was the “new” Coventry Cathedral consecrated? A 1962

15. Which Architect designed Coventry Cathedral? A Sir Basil Spence

16. What was Coventry most famous for from the 17th Century to the first half of the 19th Century? A It was the Centre of Watch and Clock making

17. In what year was Berkswell Windmill built and when was it last restored?

 A 1826 restored in 2013

18. Which famous lady tennis player lived in Berkswell. She was the first Wimbledon Ladies’ Champion in 1884?

 A Maud Watson – she is buried in Berkswell churchyard together with her parents

19. Who was the English inventor and ‘father’ of the bicycle industry who lived in Coventry?

 A James Starley

20. Legend has it that Coventry City was the birthplace of a Saint. Who was it and what did he do?

 A Legend has it that Coventry City was the birthplace of  St. George, the dragon slayer and Patron Saint of England

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