Entries to be made on the form for both

Produce and Flower Arranging Competitions  

Space availability is tight so entry forms in advance would be appreciated but will be accepted on the day

Adult entry £3.00 per person, payable on the day

£5 for more than 15items. Children FREE.

All entries to be brought to the Village Hall on day of the Show from 7.30am-9.45am

You may enter as many classes as you wish but multiple entries in any one class must be of different cultivars.

If possible, please label all different varieties/cultivars.

Exhibitors should use their own vase, plate or vessel in which to display their produce, unless stated in the brochure

Paper plates and sand will be supplied for Section A Class 11 (shallots).

Doilies will be supplied for cakes if necessary.

Flower Arranging Entry Form for Competition required in advance please for Class 61 - ‘NHS/Key Workers “RAINBOW’

Staging to be completed by 9.45am when the room will be cleared of all exhibitors for judging to commence.

Judging 10.00am -1.00pm (Entry to hall will NOT be allowed during this time).

 All exhibits will be sold after prize giving unless they are clearly marked ‘reserved’

The organisers will not be responsible for any items left behind

Any contingency not covered by the above will be dealt with by the Show Secretary whose ruling will be final

The Show organisers are not liable for damage to or loss of property, accident or injury to persons visiting or exhibiting at the show howsoever caused.

Anyone may enter the competition except professional

exhibitors; this is an amateur show. All exhibits MUST have been produced, grown or made by the Exhibitor.


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