Section A  - Vegetables

Class 1 Runner Beans (5)  (with stalks)

Class 2 Any other Bean (5)  (with stalks)

Class 3 Sweetcorn (2 cobs)  (with silks and husk folded back to reveal ¼ of grain)

Class 4 Hot Chilli Peppers (3)

Class 5 Green Cabbage  (left as grown, just root cut off)

Class 6 Carrots (3)   (as grown with foliage left on)

Class 7 Parsnips (3)  (foliage cut to 4"/10cms—do not trim root)

Class 8 Garlic (2)  (roots cut off close to bulb, top trimmed to 2"/5cms)

Class 9 White Onions (3)  (trimmed and tied)

Class 10 Red Onions (3)  (trimmed and tied)

Class 11 Shallots (9)   (remove roots and loose skin)

    To be displayed on sand on paper plate. Show to provide

Class 12 Leeks (3)   (roots removed, top leaves tied)

Class 13 Potatoes (3)  (any variety/colour—NOT mixed—washed)

Class 14 A matching pair of Baking Potatoes (Jacket) (washed)

Class 15 Courgettes (3)  (no more than 7”/17.5cms long)

Class 16 Cucumber (1)

Class 17 Sweet Peppers (3)

Class 18 Table Tomatoes (5) (leave on calyx) display on plate supplied

Class 19 Cherry Tomatoes (9) (leave on calyx) display on plate supplied

Class 20 Novelty Tomatoes (5) (leave on calyx) display on plate supplied

Class 21 Beetroot (3)   (foliage trimmed to 6”/15cms)

Class 22 Swede (1)

Class 23 Squash (1)

Class 24 Any other vegetable

Class 25 Vegetable Display—My Family’s ‘Stew Pot Collection’

    (displayed in a standard size seed tray; may be garnished)

Class 26 Salad Selection—Any 5 items from the following list:

    Radish (bunch 3)  Lettuce (1) any sort  Pepper (1) Spring Onions (bunch 5) Cucumber (1)  Red Onion (1)

    Table Tomatoes (3)     (display in a standard size seed tray-can be garnished)

Class 27 One Tray/Pot ‘ready to cut’ mixed baby salad leaves

Children may enter any of the adult classes for Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers


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